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What can we say!

We use a lot of specialist equipment in our construction, steel installation and rigging company, Industrial Site Services Ltd (ISSL).
Dissatisfied with the inferior quality of some of the equipment being brought into NZ, we reached the conclusion that there had to be better stuff on the market at a reasonable price.

So, we went to the market to find out and we’ve brought that equipment into NZ.


We use the equipment we hire and sell.

Over the years we’ve learned a lot about how the equipment works, or doesn’t work, and how it behaves under all kinds of conditions.

We have put that hands-on experience and domain knowledge to good use by firstly showing you which equipment to use for what job, how to use it safely and effectively.

Because we pride ourselves on our service, we have no interest in selling or hiring you stuff for the sake of making a sale.

We’ll ask you exactly what you need the equipment for and how you plan to use it. We’ll draw upon our knowledge and experience of all kinds of projects, to advise you about what your options are and what the best equipment for your project might be.

If we haven’t got exactly what you need but close to it, we’ll send you over to our engineering department to figure out what’s required.

At the end of the day, we’re riggers, contractors, engineers, off-road enthusiasts and users of the equipment we hire and sell and, we stand by it.


What type of equipment do we hire or sell?

You will see that we have an excellent range of equipment for construction and general industry, and we have trialled it all.
We love to talk so give us a call, email or pop in to discuss all things height and safety.

Call us today on 07 849 2354 or email us.