Guidelines for Working at Height

The Guidelines for Working at Height were developed by the Ministry in consultation with a large number of industry associations and companies.

“The purpose of the Guidelines for Working at Height is to provide practical guidance to employers, contractors, employees and all
others engaged in work associated with working at height on how they can meet their obligations under the Health and Safety in Employment Act  1992 and its associated Regulations. Accordingly,
adherence to these Best Practice Guidelines (for Working at Height) is  recommended.”

The Guidelines for Working at Height aim to prevent people being hurt from falls. It is well expressed by this statement from the Ministry.

“Preventing falls from height is a priority for the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment and it expects that work at height is actively managed so that people are not harmed.”

The Guidelines for Working at Height identify a number of factors that contribute to injuries sustained from working at height. These include

  • incorrect protection or equipment choices
  • suitable equipment being unavailable.

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Become familiar with the guidelines which can be found here Best Practice Guidelines for Working at Height in New Zealand